SterJo Key Finder

This small but efficient application is made for finding lost Windows product keys, which is especially important in searching for Windows 7 product key or Microsoft Office key, as well as lost Windows 8 key because they are mostly used PC systems at this moment.

SterJo Wireless Passwords

This application is efficient wifi password finder that will "work for free". By using this wifi password cracker, you will not have to reset anything or bother how to make a new wifi password.

SterJo NetStalker

Security software made specially for your PC protection. It will detect all connections to your computer, both authorized and unauthorized, and alert you for every new connection.

SterJo Task Manager

This easy-for-use task management software is made for displaying and controlling the processes, registry and services that are currently running on your PC.

SterJo Startup Patrol

This tool helps you to view and manage a list of startup programs. You can choose only important programs and not the ones which are making your computer slow.

SterJo Password Unmask

Reveal most of password text boxes containing hidden characters known as asterisk ('*****') immediately.

SterJo FileZilla Decryptor

Instantly recovers and decrypts forgotten FileZilla passwords for all FTP sites stored by FileZilla Client.

SterJo Wireless Network Scanner

Scan your network in a few seconds and displays a list of all connected computers or devices.

SterJo YouTube Ad Blocker

Block annoying ads while watching youtube videos with a single mouse click.

SterJo Fast IP Scanner

One of the fastest IP scanner available today. It can scan more then 1000 IP addresses in less then 30 seconds.

SterJo Google Ad Blocker

Disable google ads with this free ad blocker and enjoy browsing without advertisements.

SterJo Chrome Passwords

Reveal all saved passwords stored by chrome password manager in a second.

SterJo Firefox Passwords

View saved passwords stored by Mozilla Firefox browser.

SterJo Opera Passwords

Get all saved passwords stored by Opera browser.

SterJo Internet Explorer Passwords

Reveal all saved passwords stored by Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

SterJo Windows Vault Passwords

Reveal saved credentials by Windows Vault.

SterJo Facebook Password Finder

Recover forgotten facebook password from web browsers.

SterJo Twitter Password Finder

Recover forgotten twitter login details saved by web browsers.

SterJo Instagram Password Finder

Instantly recover forgotten Instagram password saved by web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

SterJo Facebook Blocker

Prevent your children or employees to access Facebook during work hours.

SterJo Windows Credentials

Reveal login credentials stored by Windows Credential Manager.

SterJo Mail Passwords

Recover forgotten email passwords for common free mail services like GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail and others.

SterJo Edge Passwords

Recover forgotten username and passwords stored by Microsoft Edge browser.

SterJo Strong Password Generator

Generate strong and random passwords based on the characters you want to use.

SterJo Browser Passwords

Retrieve forgotten login details for most popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge and Opera.

SterJo Wireless Key Generator

Generate strong WEP, WPA or WPA2 key for your wireless network.

SterJo Firefox History

Simple tool for viewing all browsing history of Mozilla Firefox

SterJo Chrome History

An easy-to-use tool for viewing all browsing history of Google Chrome browser