SterJo Chrome History v.1.1

SterJo Chrome History is an easy-to-use tool for viewing all browsing history of Google Chrome browser.

How is SterJo Chrome working?

SterJo Chrome History

For each item it displays the URL, Title, Visit Count and Time when the page was last visited. The simple interface allows the users to easily search and arrange the items by their needs or just save them and export in some of the following formats: text, html and csv. Also you can search your past history of visited Web sites by typing a keyword in the Search text box.

Download Portable

About Downloading the SterJo Chrome History


SterJo Chrome History works on all Windows platform starting from Windows XP to the latest Windows 10 where Google Chrome browser is installed.

NOTE! If you are encountering a runtime error, please try to run the application with right mouse click and select "Run as administrator".

Version History

Version 1.0: First public release.

Version 1.1: Added support for Opera, Vivaldi, Yandex, Comodo Dragon and most Chromium based browsers.



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